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Great start to the week June 13, 2011

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Happy Monday!

It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day in Saskatoon today – summer! I didn’t get any time to scrapbook today, but I did manage to do a page on Sydney yesterday (picture forthcoming) AND I decided on my next project: a chipboard book of our San Diego trip. I am really excited about this! The first thing I had to do was go through our 500+ pictures online and decide which ones to feature in this 20-page album … yikes, not a lot of space to depict all the fun we had! So I figured I should choose my 20 favourite photos. Yah, right! Ninety-one, yes 91, snapshots later and I think I’ve got all the moments to capture in this baby book. But then I remembered that I could get MINI PRINTS! If you have never done these, you have to try them! They are so sweet! Anyway, it cost me less than $7 at Walmart to get 91 of these little puppies printed – they are 2×3, and four of them fit on a 4×6 picture, so you get four times the pictures for the same price you pay for a 4×6!

I came home and cut them all up, and then I had a stack of these miniature photos. So cute!!!! Then I mapped out the order of the book and what I wanted to feature and put the baby pix in that order. Then I set to work on this little book and got a couple of pages done. SO MUCH FUN! My daughter had a great idea for the book – include a magnifying glass for people to look at it – LOL!!!! You do have to squint a little to see the tiny pictures, but that is okay – this isn’t my main album for the trip, it’s just a fun little book that can sit on my cabinet and I can thumb through it. It’s a gorgeous little book (forget the brand), teal-coloured, embossed chipboard pages with teal flocked cover. Very nice. And it deserves to house some really special memories, which our San Diego trip was. It wasn’t perfect, though, because we were missing two of our sisters. That’s another story for another day. Their absence on the trip was more than noticeable – we are a close family and missing 1/3 of us wasn’t cool. But it was unavoidable. So the two sisters – Bonnie and Penny – who couldn’t join us should be the first to see my baby book!

Oh, one more thing. I think I mentioned that I joined Weight Watchers … and I ALSO have a bit of a shopping addiction when it comes to all things scrapbook. So I made a little deal with myself: I cannot buy anymore SB stuff until I reach my first goal of losing 10 lbs. YIKES! This is actually quite tortuous for me, but I will give it a try and have faith in myself that I can do it. WW is actually going really well – today was day 3. It’s a really good program; any of you out there who would like to shed a few pounds, I encourage you to give WW a try. Thank you to Rhonda, my rockin’ sister-in-law, for inspiring me – she is doing AWESOME on the program!!!

Nighty night!


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