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I’m back! July 5, 2011

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Sorry for the long delay. I have no excuses for why I haven’t been blogging … other than I’m lazy :-). We are on holidays this week – yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Gerry doesn’t get a lot of vacation time, so he is really glad to have this time, and the weather is definitely cooperating for him to ride his motorcycle. Even though I get plenty of time off, I too am really pleased to have a break from the every day routine of work, etc.

We didn’t do much for Canada Day – just hung around the house in major relax-mode. Saturday, we drove Shelby to Greenwater Lake Provincial Park to camp with a friend, and now she is with said friend at the friend’s grandma’s for a few weeks. The grandma lives on a farm near a small town, so there is really no trouble lurking around. So we get a few worry-free weeks! I am missing Shelby though …

I have been finding lots of time to scrap – on my own, with Sydney (and sometimes one of her friends), and with my friend/co-worker, Barbara. I entered my first LO for publication consideration by Scrapbook and Cards Today. I wasn’t thrilled with how this LO turned out, but I submitted it anyway, knowing full well that it won’t get published. But I figured you have to start somewhere! Even though this isn’t my best work, I really LOVE this picture of Sydney, and also of the two girls.

Over the last couple of days, I launched and finished a special little project. I can’t tell you much right now, but visit in a week or so and I will share openly! Syd and I went SB shopping today and managed to find more treasures at Prairie Chicks in Hague. A great store! They just re-organized, so I HAD to go see it … yes, twist my rubber arm!!! Now I am trying to decide what to scrap tonight. I’ve downloaded a few LO’s created by others and am hoping that they will inspire me. The other night, I was digging through my big bucket of photos (a lifetime’s worth) and got tears in my eyes as I saw all the wonderful photos of my little girls. They aren’t so little anymore, but we took lots and lots of pictures when they were younger (and still do) and I am SO GLAD that we did that. I have such terrific material to work with – so now I need to get at it!

It’s a gorgeous summer evening here, and I will be spending it doing what I love … scrapbooking :-).


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