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How can it be the end of July already?!! July 29, 2011

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Happy Friday!

Another gorgeous summer day out there, and of course with heat comes storm warnings. There isn’t anything happening in Saskatoon yet, but we will see what the evening brings. The summer is flying by. In some ways, that is okay. Fall will bring routine and, hopefully, calmness in some aspects of my life. But then again, WINTER will come too! And trust me, I am in ABSOLUTELY NO. HURRY. FOR. THAT!!!

So … in my last post (long ago, now), I said there was big news in our family. Some of you guessed it: we are now the proud owners of a puppy! Sydney has been wanting a dog for a VERY. LONG. TIME. So we bit the bullet. We adopted Stella Ella Ola (Stella for short!) three weeks ago. She is a miniature poodle, cream coloured. Tomorrow, she will be 12 weeks old. What a little sweetheart she is! Check her out:




She is very well behaved and mild mannered and LOVES Sydney to pieces {the feeling is mutual!}. The only problem we are having is that she poops on our living room area rug – the only rug upstairs! But we’ll continue to work on that. So that is our big news. Now, for some scrappin’ …

Here is the layout that I did for The Moments Fast Track Friday challenge tonight. It came together fairly quickly and I enjoyed it a lot. A bit of a different colour combo.

I have a ‘date’ with my cousin Gail this Sunday to scrapbook. She hasn’t done this before (or much), so I am looking forward to imparting some of my knowledge {or should I say craziness!} about this craft. Since Monday is a holiday and we get an extra-long weekend, I am hoping to get some good scrappin’ time in! Oh, and my other exciting news (probably not too exciting for anyone but me!) is that I started sorting my big blue bucket of pictures. I am sorting them by year and putting them into photo boxes, noting the year and event on the back (with a photo safe pen, of course :-). I’ve spent about four hours so far and got quite a bit accomplished, so it doesn’t seem quite so overwhelming now.

Have a LOVELY weekend!


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