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Three contests in one! July 31, 2011

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Happy last day of July!

I follow several blogs, all of them about scrapbooking, of course! Two of my favourites are Scrapping Everyday Miracles and Use it Tuesday. And I just discovered a new one that looks awesome: Clear it out Challenge. The first blog is about exactly what is in its name – the little things we should appreciate that we sometimes take for granted. The second blog is one that challenges scrappers to use up some of their hoarded scrappin’ supplies! Every second Tuesday, they suggest at least one item that you can use in your layout. And the third one, well, its name is also descriptive – clear out your supplies! So I decided to combine challenges/inspirations from each of these blogs into one layout.

Scrapping Everyday Miracles showed a magazine cover as inspiration. Well, this one was easy, because I love lime green and blue! And the second one, well that was easy too, because Lord knows I have a ton of hoarded items!!! The challenge from Clear it out Challenge was ‘anything goes’. So check out my layout in response to these three challenges.

Just to say a bit more about this layout … in terms of ‘everyday miracles’, of course the two ‘back to school beauties’ on this layout are two of MY miracles … my girls, Shelby (bottom) and Sydney (top). There are some days that I may not think of them as miracles … ha ha, just kidding! For Use it Tuesday, the hoarded items I used were the ribbon – can’t even remember when I bought it, so I was glad to finally be able to put it to use, and the metal clover leaf embellishment {which has also been kicking around for awhile, as has the white flower/swirly rub-on in the top corner of Sydney’s photo}. So I suppose I used THREE hoarded items – yay, me! I quite like how this layout turned out. Since ‘anything goes’ for Clear it out Challenge, I don’t need to mention anything specific. But I would just note that in addition to using up old hoarded supplies, I did use some newer items too (paper and the Clear Cuts frame behind Shelby’s picture) – and I think that’s good because if you use it sooner after you buy it, it doesn’t become a hoarded item :-).

Much of this weekend has been spent sorting into years my big blue bucket of pictures. Layer upon layer of photos from every year you can think of, all mixed together. Sigh. Actually, for the most part, I enjoyed going through the photos. Especially the ones of when the girls were really little. They are very photogenic, and what can I say – they are pretty darn cute! And they did some funny and crazy things. I am so grateful that we had the camera handy a lot and captured many of the moments. So I am almost finished sorting the last two decades of photos. It will feel really good. And then, I need to scan all of the negatives. That’s gonna be a whopper of a project. But I just need to get started, and then I can chip away at it.

Off to finish supper for the fam. Then I think we will head out for a walk – looks gorgeous out there!


3 Responses to “Three contests in one!”

  1. Lisa H Says:

    Thanks for taking on our inspiration challenge! I should check out the other two blogs you follow, I have lots of hoarded supplies too! Not that there is anything wrong with that right? =)

  2. Heather B Says:

    Love that layout! The colors are gorgeous (almost as gorgeous as your girls!!) and that ribbon is cute, cute, cute…Thanks so much for joining us at Use it Tuesday. We hope to see you back soon!!

  3. what a lovely lay-out! thanks for playing with us at Use It Tuesday :)))

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