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Sister(s) August 31, 2011

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It has been a long time since my last post … life has gotten busy now, with the girls going back to school (and all of the tasks that accompany preparing for such an event) and the fall routine also setting in at work (new batch of students to be ready for). But I love fall. Seriously LOVE fall. It’s my favourite season of the whole year. I was born in the fall and got married in the fall. Leaves turn pretty shades of orange and yellow in the fall. What’s not to love?! It’s also been awhile since I’ve been able to get any scrapping done, but I was determined to get down to my creative room last night and do at least one layout. And yup, that’s all I got done! I actually have a really hard time going to sleep after I scrapbook, because a bunch of ideas float through my head and I think about how I want to use all of the pretty things that I’ve been hoarding {big smile}.

This is a layout I did for two contests: Creative Scrappers (sketch #169) and Scrapping Everyday Miracles (challenge #6). I really enjoy following these blogs.

The challenge from Scrapping Everyday Miracles is about ‘friendships that go the distance’. I do have many wonderful, long-time friends. But those friends who have been in my life the longest are my sisters. And naturally, we have been through a lot together. Thank goodness for family – that is all I have to say. They are irreplaceable. I have four of them, but you see only three of them (and me!) in the picture above. This picture was taken at one of our bi-annual Scrappin’ Sisters events. Yes, that’s right! I get together with three of my sisters, as well as one niece (sometimes two) and my two daughters twice each year in varying locations to spend wonderful times together scrapping, eating, visiting, laughing, and crying! We cherish these times; they are very precious to us. And it deserved to be captured in a special way. The sisters above are Holly (top right), Penny (bottom left), and Sherry (bottom right). My niece Mallory and daughters Shelby and Sydney were also there, but someone had to take the picture :}. Our fifth sister, Bonnie (the oldest!) and our dear only sister-in-law Rhonda don’t scrapbook, so they don’t come to these events. Just so he doesn’t feel left out, we also have an awesome brother, Darwin. He doesn’t (really) scrapbook either :).

I know the quality of this photo is not very good, but I hope you enjoy the layout. I really love how it turned out!

Wishing you a FABULOUS day!


3 Responses to “Sister(s)”

  1. Lisa H Says:

    Thank you for being in our challenge! What a blessing to have three sisters who are also good friends. =)

  2. Leigh Penner Says:

    Great layout, Amber! I love the colours and the ribbon you added!

  3. Roulien Stahnke Says:

    How lucky you are to share this wonderful hobby with your sisters!! You created a beautiful layout for the SEM challenge! Thanks so much for participating!!

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