~ My scrapbooking creations are the legacy I will leave for my children. ~

BPC Happy Mail – distressed challenge November 4, 2012

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Well, hello!!!


I’ve been away for a long time now. Not from creating, per se, but from my blog, for sure. Just too much other stuff happening (all good!). I decided today, a pretty, snowy Sunday, was as good a day as any to return! I LOVE BPC (Big Picture Classes) … Stacy Julian is amazing. She inspires me in many ways. I am so glad I found BPC. In a relatively short period of time, I’ve taken a few of the classes offered by BPC (some of them free!) and taken part in a couple of events. Loved them all!


Stacy is leading a Happy Mail campaign, and I’m a happy participant! Today, I’m posting a photo of a card I made that has been distressed (if you look closely, you can see that the card front is embossed with a chevron pattern and then sanded in some places to reveal the kraft core; I also used a pin to poke holes around the yellow circle to add some subtle dimension). I made this card for my lovely sister-in-law, Kelly, for her birthday (tomorrow!) … happy birthday, Kel!!



Hope you like it :). I promise to try to be back a little more often. I’ve got a couple of really fun scrapbooking events coming up right away so I’ll be learning lots!!! One of them is Crop & Create, hosted by my most favourite inspirational magazine, Scrapbook and Cards Today. It is going to R.O.C.K.!!!!


Take care, and happy scrappin’ Sunday!




SD mini complete! June 23, 2011

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Wow, it’s pouring out there tonight. Lots of thunder and lightning too! But it feels like that kind of night, so it’s okay with me. Although I really do feel bad for the people who do not need this rain, like lots of places south of here. People are losing their homes and possessions, and that sucks. Sometimes life sucks, for sure. Like cancer. I despise that disease. More than anything else. It’s nasty and mean and preys on innocent and wonderful people. I pray for everyone out there who is fighting the cancer battle, who has won it, and those who just couldn’t fight anymore. Okay, now onto a happier topic.


Amy’s wedding! Isn’t she GORGEOUS?!! She is an amazing girl (woman) – beautiful on the inside and out. Put her in a stunning dress and, well, it doesn’t get any better! And check out the card box and candy bags she made … wow! She is very talented and creative. If only I had an ounce of what she has!!!


And, yay for me, I finished my mini album of our trip to San Diego! I know I’ve said this before, but I really LOVE working with minis! And the most fun of all was that this little chipboard album features mini pix!!! Little 2x3s that you can make by going into the ‘collage’ feature on the Kodak machines at Walmart or wherever. It’s cheaper that way too, because you get four little pictures for the price of one 4×6! Anyway, check out the pictures and let me know what you think. SO MUCH FUN. Yikes, BIG clap of thunder just now!




Now, for the next project … I haven’t decided exactly what comes now, but I’ve got a few things in mind. One of the scrapbooking stores in the city here is going out of business (boo hoo) and is selling everything for 40 percent off. Well how many trips do you think I’ve made there? TOO MANY!!! I seem to be addicted to these little chipboard albums, so I have stocked up (paid less than $1 each for some of them). Stay tuned for whatever I decide to focus on next! Actually, what I really need to do first, before anymore scrapping, is to re‑organize my supplies and do some kind of inventory. It’s grown a lot in just the short time I’ve been working at our kitchen table. And it’s kind of taking over the main floor of our house … yikes! So, yes, that is what I am going to do this weekend. But I want to get that done quickly so I can get back to what I really love to do!


Bye for now.


Amy’s special day … and my little chipboard books June 10, 2011

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Happy Friday!

I am SO glad it’s the end of the week! I love my job, don’t get me wrong. But now that nice weather is here, I look forward to the weekends a lot, even if I am not a big outdoorsy kind of girl. So it was an exciting party day at my office today. My co-worker and friend, Amy, is getting married next Saturday and today was her last day of work. We threw her a little pink-purple-and-green shin dig, in honour of her upcoming marriage! Seriously, I SCRAPBOOKED the cupcakes.

Our other creative co-workers made rainbow-coloured punch (my husband called in Funch – Fun Punch!) and even put bling on the ladle :-). So we did it up big! Amy is an awesome girl (I shouldn’t call her a girl, I guess, since she is in her late 20’s!) … very fun-loving, kind-hearted, and cheerful. She is also a good sport … check out these pictures.

Each day of the week, she had to wear the new piece of wedding attire we presented her with. Monday was the big blinking diamond ring; Tuesday the ‘bride-to-be’ sash; on Wednesday, a bright pink garter; Thursday brought a little more bling with pink beads; but today – well today, she had to add a tiara with veil!!! And she even wore her entire get-up out to lunch with the girls!!

In my last post, I promised you pictures of the little chipboard albums (my first ever) that I made as gifts my twin nephews, Greg’s and Jeff’s, little kiddos. First, you have to understand these babes – Parker and Hana (who belong to Jeff) and Dylan and Hewitt (who belong to Greg) are the sweetest ever. Adorable beyond belief and full of personality, and none of them are even 3 yet! Well what can I say … they have the Day gene :-). Oh, they get plenty of great characteristics from their moms too! Anyway, I whipped up these little albums for the kids and had a lot of fun doing it. Wasn’t sure how to approach chipboard at first, but then I dug in and had trouble stopping to sleep at night!

This first picture is the covers. I won’t put all of the photos in, just a few of my favourite pages.

I think I mentioned earlier that I made the last couple of pages interactive – being that these books were for curious little hands.

I hope you enjoy these pages – I sure had fun making them!

Okay, off to “deal with” my 15-year-old daughter … such a difficult time in life, for both her and us. I think I will be glad when she is 18 so she can legally do what she wants, since she seems to be anyway. For all of you who have raised kids to adulthood – I admire you greatly!

Wishing you a GREAT weekend!


Make-a-card Tuesday June 7, 2011

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Good evening!

The weather was beautiful today … too bad I don’t do more to take advantage of the brief periods like this, but I would rather be crafting! I managed to make a couple of cards this evening, one for a friend’s birthday and the other for a friend who’s having a rough week. On the latter, I kind of ‘cheated’ by using a purchased card and just added embellishments. I just wasn’t feeling super creative! I never like the way my cards turn out, so I am looking forward to my first-ever card class on Thursday evening at one of the local scrapbooking stores. I know I will learn a lot!

Soon, I will show you pictures of two little chipboard albums I made for my twin nephews’ children. I had never worked with chipboard before and wasn’t sure how to start … but let me tell you, once I got going, I had a blast on those things! They were meant for very young (and incredibly bright) children, so near the end, I added a couple of interactive pages. I was really happy with how they turned out. So I will post pictures of those soon!

‘Night, all.


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