~ My scrapbooking creations are the legacy I will leave for my children. ~

Post #2 for tonight May 7, 2012

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I may be building some momentum here … two posts in one night, after a four-month-hiatus! I’d better be careful not to use up all of my bloggin’ steam!!!

Here is another LO I did for a challenge posted by Scrapbook and Cards Today on using an embellished pin. For this silly layout I did about texting language, I took two plain old sewing pins with coloured heads and poked them through a chipboard embellishment that said TTYL and tied some baker’s twine around it. Pretty simple, but I thought it turned out kinda cute!!

I’ll be back at least one more time before the night’s through ūüėČ


Seriously, it’s been waaaay too long now!

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Hello, scrappy followers!

It has been more than four months since my last post, and I feel terrible for not keeping my blog updated. And I actually¬†had to think really hard about how to do it!¬†Honestly, even though I don’t have too many followers, I realize I can never¬†build my scrappy groupies if I never post anything new! So a lot has happened in my life since December 29 when I last posted (many great things, some not-so-great things, but LOTS of scrappin), but I am not going to go into detail about that right now. Instead, I will be posting a series of layouts I did this weekend in celebration of National Scrapbook Day. I love whoever invented this day!!!

First up is a layout of my now-12-year-old daughter, Sydney, at her confirmation … hard to believe this was more than a year ago already. Anyway, this layout is for a challenge posted by Scrapbook and Cards Today on using memoribilia. I used Sydney’s confirmation certificate here … but you’ll see it’s tiny! I didn’t want to use up most of my scrappin’ real estate for the certificate, so I shrunk it on a colour copier! This little trick was suggested¬†some time ago by my dear sister, Penny. She was awesome. I miss her so much. Pen, this one is for you <3.



Okay, watch for another post on the next challenge!

Thank you for visiting,



It’s been a long time … December 29, 2011

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Greetings, all of you fellow scrappers. I have been absent from my blog for a long time.

It has been a very sad time in my and my family’s life. On November 23, we lost our sister, Penny, to breast cancer. She was officially diagnosed in March 2010 {although she had been through a battery of tests between then and when she found her first symptoms the December before}. Our family has always been close, but from that point on, it was like a magnet drew us even closer to one another. And Penny said herself, these two years were amazing. She was an absolutely wonderful person, sister, mother, and wife. My next post will be a tribute to her, and I hope it will convey just how special she was and will always be to us.

For now, I am posting a layout I did for Creative Scrappers for the December challenge. I used sketch #186¬†created by Juliana Michaels {I L.O.V.E. Juliana’s blog, 17 Turtles!}, and here is my interpretation:

I am very fortunate to have a good long break from work for the holidays, so that means lots of scrappin’ time! And believe you me, I have been taking full advantage of this time! I have done some layouts that I really like, many based on ideas from others, so hopefully I will get around to posting those so you can take a look. And I have also been busy educating myself on more scrapbooking techniques and styles by taking classes at Big Picture Classes. If you don’t know this online classroom, be sure to check it out!

For now, I will sign off and wish you all a very happy New Year. Back soon!

Happy scrappin’,



The Farm October 23, 2011

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Happy Sunday!

We have been blessed with another beautiful day here in Saskatchewan, even if the temperature is a bit cooler than we’ve been used to. I love fall, so I try to use it as inspiration! I’ve been busy this weekend scrapbooking some of my 2010 pictures so I can get that album wrapped up. Don’t let me trick you into believing that I’ve done everything UP to that point either! I’ve got to do many years backward, but I thought I would try to catch up on the present and then pick away at the good old days.


Last weekend, my whole family was here ~ my four sisters and my brother and all in-laws except Ringo. It was an absolutely fabulous time and very special. I relish those moments. It started out with three of my sisters and me getting together to scrapbook. And then because I was hosting at my place, our brother and other sister decided to join us, since they live only 2.5 hours away. It was nothing short of perfect. Those of us who scrapbooked got quite a bit done and loved every minute we spent doing that. I even designed a little make ‘n’ take for them!!! I will post pictures of the Scrap-Tastic Sisters event soon!


Anyway, I got a bit side-tracked there! So I was working studiously on my 2010 pictures and then my sisters pulled out their photos of us from when we were young, and so I scanned a bunch and told myself that as soon as I got my album of last year finished, I would work on my childhood photos. And I was really looking forward to that project. We don’t actually have a lot of photos for that time, so for me that meant that I could make a whole album of just a few pictures …¬†and LOTS of embellies!! Then a Heritage Challenge came up on Scrapping the Moments about creating a layout based on your childhood home. Well, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to START my childhood album! And it just so happened that the sketch (10.20) offered by Sketchy Thursdays¬†this week was perfect for my LO … I needed to do lots of journaling. So check out my creation below.



It’s fun and sad at the same time to reflect on your childhood. But it’s good for the soul, and of course good for my kids because they can get a sense of what my life was like before them … YES, I did have a life before they came along!!!


Wishing you a happy, relaxing, and satisfying day.


Creative Space October 2, 2011

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It has been a LONG time since my last post! Life has been really busy, but I have managed to get¬†quite a bit of scrappin’ time in!!! But my biggest accomplishment has been the creation of my very own scrap room. Much thanks goes to my husband and youngest daughter. It was part of my big 40 birthday present! We `repurposed` our guest room, even though it is used frequently. I had decent space in our basement, but I couldn`t really decorate the way I wanted and fully organize all the stuff. So Sydney agreed to give her room up for guests when they come, which would allow us to use what was the guest room as our creative space. And the two of us had a lot of fun decorating it, organizing it, and have spent many happy hours in there together already, with the promise of many more to come. I did lots of research online by looking at the space other women had created for themselves. Let me say, some of what I saw made my mouth water! I did the best I could with the amount of space and budget I had to work with. The main principles were pretty colours and display stuff … don`t hide all of those pretty embellishments away where they can`t be seen!!!

Here is how it turned out … hope you like it! I don’t think the true colours come out well in the photos … the walls are a lovely bright green, and the accessories are a pretty and cheerful purple.

Main work table

Guest work table and some embellishments on display on purple pegboard

Ribbon, mists, and paints

Bulletin board to show off newly completed LOs and remind me of upcoming challenges


Shoe holder with clear pockets .. perfect for holding punches - guess I`d better get some more!

Closet for lots of extra storage ... and I can close the doors if it gets messy!

Paper rack to the right, extra storage and display cart to the left

A pretty shelf to display pretty things!

And in other news, I attended the first-ever Crop¬†& Create event in Saskatoon this weekend, which was hosted by Scrapbook and Cards Today magazine (which ROCKS!). It was such an awesome event … I learned lots in the four classes I took (by Vicki Boutin (2), Kimber McGray, and Kelly Goree) and the make ‘n takes. If you have a chance to attend one of these events in Canada, DO IT! You will NOT be disappointed! Check out the pic below of us at the photo booth (this is me with my friend/co-worker Amy and her friend Tanis).

In less than two weeks from now, three of my sisters will be coming to Saskatoon for our twice-annual sisters’ scrappin’ weekend. I am SO EXCITED that I can hardly stand it! I want to make this gathering really special, so I have been planning some neat things for them! I can’t tell you yet what they are, but I promise to tell you later and even show you pix!!! And the neat thing is that our other sister and our one-and-only brother will join us for part of the time as well, so we’ll get some great visiting in.

Have a TERRIFIC week!


My dad August 31, 2011

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I couldn’t resist posting this LO that I did of my dad. Most of my family doesn’t remember him this way, but I do. And I love this picture! I did the layout in response to a heritage challenge on I chose to interpret heritage in a humourous way!!!




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It has been a long time since my last post … life has gotten busy now, with the girls going back to school (and all of the tasks that accompany preparing for such an event) and¬†the fall routine also setting in at work (new batch of students to be ready for). But I love fall. Seriously LOVE fall. It’s my favourite season of the whole year. I was born in the fall and got married in the fall. Leaves turn pretty shades of orange and yellow in the fall. What’s not to love?! It’s also been awhile since I’ve been able to get any scrapping done, but I was determined to get down to my creative room last night and do at least one layout. And yup, that’s all I got done! I actually have a really hard time going to sleep after I scrapbook, because a bunch of ideas float through my head and I think about how I want to use all of the pretty things that I’ve been hoarding {big smile}.

This is a layout I did for two contests: Creative Scrappers (sketch #169) and Scrapping Everyday Miracles (challenge #6). I really enjoy following these blogs.

The challenge from Scrapping Everyday Miracles is about ‘friendships that go the distance’. I do have many wonderful, long-time friends. But those friends who have been in my life the longest are my sisters.¬†And naturally, we have been through a lot together. Thank goodness for family – that is all I have to say. They are irreplaceable.¬†I have four of them, but you see only three of them (and me!) in the picture above. This picture was taken at one of our bi-annual Scrappin’ Sisters events. Yes, that’s right! I get together with three of my sisters, as well as one niece (sometimes two) and my two daughters twice each year in varying locations to spend wonderful times together scrapping, eating, visiting, laughing, and crying! We cherish these times; they are very precious to us. And it deserved to be captured in a special way. The sisters above are¬†Holly (top right), Penny (bottom left), and¬†Sherry (bottom right). My niece Mallory and daughters Shelby and Sydney were also there, but someone had to take the picture :}. Our fifth sister, Bonnie (the oldest!) and our dear only sister-in-law Rhonda¬†don’t scrapbook, so they don’t come to these events. Just so he doesn’t feel left out, we also have an awesome brother, Darwin. He doesn’t (really) scrapbook either :).

I know the quality of this photo is not very good, but I hope you enjoy the layout. I really love how it turned out!

Wishing you a FABULOUS day!


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